Hi, I'm Luke.

Software Engineer.

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I've been fascinated with computers and technology for as long as I can remember and have been coding since age 15 when I first learned about HTML and CSS. I primarily use Javascript/React and Rust these days, but I've dabbled in just about everything including Perl, Ruby, Python, Golang, Java/Kotlin, C/C++, Haskell, 6502 Assembly, and even some Arduino programming! I love learning new technologies and finding the best tool for the job. I've developed a deep appreciation of problem-solving over the years, with many late nights (and cups of coffee!). I am constantly looking for new projects, things to learn and better ways to solve problems. I'm excited about cutting-edge technologies, especially AI and Machine Learning and I'm always on the lookout for anything I can sink my teeth into. My posts here share my projects and ideas with the hope they spur discussions about code, technology and software practices.


Have a question or want to work together? Drop me a line: me@lukeworks.tech.