An arcade classic. My original implementation of this was in Rust using my PixEngine project, so this is a Javascript port using p5js. Came out pretty nice! Many aspects of the program were much easier using p5js and Javascript but I now have plenty of ideas for improvements on my PixEngine. At some point I'd love to add more explosion particles to the ship and asteroids and other features like random UFOs flying around. More to come!


Javascript Pong! Nothing too fancy here, but some fun competition against either the Computer or another Player. Lots more features could be added for better AI, but it supports touch events so is somewhat mobile friendly! One of my favorite parts of this project was adding a velocity boost to the ball if you hit it while moving up or down. Combine that with the maximum speed a paddle can move up or down and you get some challenging return shots!

Maze Generation and A* Search

Lately, I've been having a lot of fun putting this maze generator/A* search program together. It's really enjoyable visualizing the algorithms as they loop through each iteration. So much so that I'm going to be doing a whole series of these based on various algorithms and data structures. My initial working implementation was using plain Javascript and canvas, but I've updated it to use the ps5.js library which will be useful later on when I get to some more advanced algorithms.

The program allows you to test various settings for maze generation including cell size and how often the algorithm will connect through when it encounters a dead-end and has to backtrack. I added the ability to download and upload saved mazes since the smaller cell sizes can take quite a long time to generate and I wanted to be able to test A* against them (and hopefully some other search algorithms soon) later on. Once a maze is generated, each time you click Solve Maze it will generate random starting and goal points. You can also pause/unpause the algorithm as well as adjust the frame rate for how fast it updates.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon!

Huge shout out to The Coding Train for getting me interested in visual algorithms and ps5.js!

TetanesNES - An NES Emulator written in Rust

TetaNES is an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) released in 1985, written using Rust and SDL2.

It started as a personal curiosity that turned into a passion project to demonstrate a proficiency in Rust and in digital sound production. It can play most games but is still a work-in-progress. I hope to transform it into a fully-featured and performant NES emulator. It is my hope to see a Rust emulator rise in popularity and compete with the more popular C and C++ versions.

TetaNES is also meant to showcase how clean and readable low-level Rust programs can be in addition to them having the type and memory-safety guarantees that Rust is known for.

You can check out the code on Github.

photo credit: Cerberus via Zsolt Palatinus copyright


Haskelltaire is a simple 1-card draw game of Solitaire played from the command line written in just 500 lines of Haskell. It was done as part of a class project in functional programming and highlights how powerful and terse functional programming can be. The PlayingCard library can be easily adapted and generalized to allow the creation of many other card games.


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