"Lost and Found" Series : Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

My software development career has been a long and insightful journey. I've learned a lot in a short time and I'd like to share my story in this five part series I'm titling "Lost and Found". It's a tale of my meandering past; highlighting the early days of my fascination for code and of my going astray, only to return, years later, with an even greater passion. There were a lot of mistakes made, but also lessons learned. Good ol' Einstein was right when he said "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new".

I hope you follow along as the series unfolds over the next several weeks. The software industry has such a fascinating landscape that changes almost daily, and at an ever increasing pace as technology blooms. I'm amazed how different the technological landscape is now compared to years ago when I got my first computer and how different the world is because of it. Working professionally at a software company is very different than I had imagined growing up, with more problems to solve than software alone can tackle.

Stay tuned for Part 1!

photo credit: Brett Jordan via photopin cc

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